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The Movement Museum

Included in the programme Cultura Participativa e Inclusiva and promoted by Fundación Emalcsa, it’ s a 2017 visual art project from Asociación Amigos del Museo aimed to people unable to go to the Museum´s installations.
In this case the Museum itself virtually moves it´s permanent collection to explain it and use it.
In this occasion, Milicia Gráfica developed a one goal workshop: to give meaning some of the works from the Galician painter using cardboard and colour for a collage that features some of his works or parts of it.

Picassing Picasso (Kids)

Picassing Picasso (Kids)

Cardboard masks. Gaias. Cidade da Cultura
This workshop it’s about how to use cardboard since the moment we pick it up from the streets. By doing it you open a possibility to take them back home in a creative way for the youngest. The main goal resides in the artistic recycling concept itself. Kids will learn how a single cardboard box may turn into a perfect canvas, to make some toys or even artistic projects.
Cardboard masks

Watch on Vimeo.

Big format for young artists

We will define kid’s concept of space working on a bigger scale than them. We will encourage them to create an endless creativity.
Photo: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, MAC, A Coruña
Cervantes Institute, Madrid

The talking ink spot

The propose for this workshop is to have fun using creativity with material, technics, styles and different procedures for the creation and development of children’s in the comic world. A pleasant environment to relate with fiction characters created for themselves.

Poetic trashcan

Aimed to kids from 6 to 12 years old where they could practice concepts such recycling materials illustrations applied to visual poetry. We will introduce illustrations from Joan Brossa’s most poetry images and pay him tribute by using some of his visual poems. The youngsters will cut, paint, stamp and see how their poetic trashcan will be filled of images and poems.
Sao Paulo Cultural Center, Brasil.

The ImpresionArte



In this workshop we will use the impresionArte, a machine capable of stamping or printing 20 stampings at the same time with four different inks on any type of surface.
We will design and stamp our own ideas or visual poems collector (book note) especially created for the occasion.
Matadero, Madrid