behind Milicia Gráfica

Javier de la Rosa

Javier was born in Sevilla in 1966 where he begins his training. As a continuation he moves to Madrid to carry out his career spending three decades before moving to A Coruña.

From the very start, Javier has developed a creative career combining three aspects: designer, graphic designer and illustrator.

As a designer, he preferentially focused in the music and culture vibes where he produced some of the most recordable artworks from those years in Spain, such as: “Lorca”, From Enrique Morente, the graphic identity for Tamzim Townsend`s “A Midsummer Night`s dream” or “Fado” from Carlos Saura, among others.

These diverse aspects of Javier`s work are not independent from one another within his art, they weave together producing a sort of “stylistic contamination” making his designs benefit from his illustration world, rest on his tastes, preferences and investigations and vice versa. The result can only be an illustrative and peculiar universe gather from his resources as a graphic artist.

Javier’s illustrations demonstrate his interests in visual arts and aesthetics, normally well explicit: comic world, movies, publicity, music, etc. But also Pollock, Twombly, Lichtenstein or Hackney.

Making use of his technical eclecticism and with his friendly lack of respect, he manages to blend elements from all type of origin where, once decontextualized, they swing into unusual relations and acquire new meanings and a wider suggesting capacity that moves you in an exercise where perspective efficiency lives on and minimal coloristic sensuality proclaims and transmits an art conception.

Let’s call it tempting.

Alba Parga

Running the CIB (Centre of Information and Combat) of this ship, the Miliciana takes care of production, communication and visuals for the Milicia Gráfica after:

Been born in A Coruña, spending two years in Paris, one in London and fifteen into the fashion world between Madrid and Paris, again.

Studied management and companies administration at IFE (Insituto de la Cámara del Comercio de Madrid). Later on she sneaks into the music and gastronomy world, for as she says “they both are means of communication”.

Run the music club Tempo, in Madrid, for two years.

Finishing her debut in the management business Works as double agent in catering events for fifteen years lead to create her own catering Enterprise “Se me va la olla catering” currently active in A Coruña.

At present, she captures her experience working the visuals and photography for Milicia Gráfica.

Her favourite quote: “If you want to be as happy as you tell me, stop analysing”.


Photo by Gimena Berenguer