About us

Javier de la Rosa, was born in 1966 in Seville, where his training in the arts began. He later moved to Madrid, from where he has pursued his career to this day. The creative features of his activity involve his beginnings as a graphic artist and designer, along with his work as an illustrator.

As a designer, mainly in art-related spheres, he has produced some of the most memorable posters seen in Spain in recent years.

The plastic and aesthetic leanings of Javier de la Rosa are apparent in his illustrations, as are his influences, usually present in a most straightforward manner: namely, those from advertising, comics, movies, music… but also Pollock, Twombly, Lichtenstein, or Hockney. De la Rosa merges these influences in a technically eclectic style that displays an irreverent yet affectionate nonchalance, combined with elements from every imaginable source. Those elements, uprooted from their original context, are set into unusual relationships that imbue them with/ give them new meaning and enhance their power to evoke and to move. In short, what consistently distinguishes his craft is a sharp sense of perception, and a minimal sensuousness –or better yet put, sensuality– for color, which both proclaim and convey a feeling, also delectable, for art.